Counseling for Infidelity

Have you caught your partner cheating on you?

Are you struggling with feelings of anger and depression because of an affair?

If you’re struggling to build trust and intimacy with your partner because of an affair or cheating, we can help. By participating in therapy, you can work to heal the wounds that this has left behind. Whether you decide that you want to make this relationship work or not, you’ll be able to move through grief in a way that doesn’t rip away at your self-worth. Contact us today to start rebuilding after this difficult time.

Although it is painful to work through, infidelity doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your relationship.

Being part of a relationship where infidelity or an affair occurs can cause trauma, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. We specialize in helping couples  rebuild trust, identify the causes of the infidelity or affair, and move forward to build stronger relationships. This can help the couple prevent this from happening again in the future. By helping the couple communicate with each other about how they are feeling in a balanced way, the relationship can build into one that is stronger than it was before.

Whether this is a one time sexual relationship that has occurred, or this is an actual affair, we can help. Our training in relationships, couples therapy, sexual compulsivity, and sex therapy can help you identify what you want in this relationship, and how to move forward, whatever that may mean for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and how our specialties and training can be a good fit to help you feel better and move forward in your life.

We also can help you if you’re the one who has been having an affair or who has been cheating. Our training and experience are focused to help you identify what you want, how to get it with hurting people and yourself as little as possible, and to help you ensure that this doesn’t happen again. We’ll also do this in a way that is empathetic and is not full of judgment. We understand that people are imperfect and they make mistakes. Sometimes this means that they want to stay in their relationships, and didn’t know how to communicate the problems that they were having. While other times people want out of their current relationships, and don’t know how to get out. Contact us today to work to leave the stress and anxiety of this behind.

Regardless if you’re having an affair, or you’re in a relationship with someone who has cheated or had an affair, we are here so that you can figure out what got you into this situation, what you want, and how to move on. With good communication and delicate support, you’ll be able to have the kind of relationship that you’ve always wanted.

If you’ve been cheated on, we can help.
Whether you want to stay in your relationship, or you want to leave, we’ll help you move through your grief.
Counseling for Infidelity December 26, 2014