Sex Therapy for People With Disabilities and Health Concerns

Do you live with a physical or emotional barrier that keeps you from engaging in sex that is satisfactory?

Have you dealt with a physical trauma that keeps you from having the kind of sexual relationships that you want to have?

Sex is an important aspect of all of our lives. This is as true for someone who is living with a disability as it is for anyone else. However, dealing with a disability or health concern can create barriers to having the kind of sex life that you want to have. Whether you’re dealing with discomfort with sex, or you’re struggling with sexual performance, or you simply need help rediscovering your sexual self, I can help.

Health problems and life with disabilities can create a sense of frustration and hopelessness. Together, we can help you discover your sexual self in a way that helps to fulfill you. Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you.

I offer sex therapy for the following issues:

  • Paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Physical trauma
  • Post cancer
  • Post stroke
  • Cerebral paulsey
  • HIV


Living with a disability can change your sex life. But it doesn’t have to ruin it.
There are many ways to express yourself sexually. By participating in sex therapy, you can increase your confidence in your sexuality. You’ll find ways to express yourself to your partner or future partners in ways that help you connect and enjoy sexual pleasure.

Whether you’re living with a disability that occurred later in your life, or you’ve always lived with these barriers, sex therapy can help.

Our society often desexualizes those who are living with disabilities. However, all of us are capable of communicating intimately and sexually. Thus, finding a therapist who can help you express this part of who you are can be extremely helpful. Together, we can identify the barriers that you’re dealing with, and work towards your goals, without underestimating your barriers in the process.

A health problem can shake the very foundation that you used to feel was so stable. Many times life may never be the same, but there is still hope.

As a cancer survivor, I personally understand how traumatic diagnoses can impact your life in all areas. This includes in areas relating to sex. I can help you work in a way that you can cope with the vulnerability in your life. If you’re in a relationship, I can also help your partner adjust to the changes in your life as well. We will process the impact of the trauma, open up new lines of communication, and discover what sexuality is to you at this point in your life.

Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams of having a meaningful sexual relationship.
I can help you find a place of sexual contentment
Sex Therapy for People With Disabilities and Health Concerns September 1, 2015