Sex Therapy for Gay Men

Are you looking for a therapist who you know will be affirming of your sexual orientation?

Do you want a therapist who is educated and experienced in helping gay individuals and couples who are dealing with sexual issues?

Gay men have specific sex therapy needs that are different than those of straight men. It’s important to have a therapist who you can talk to about common sexual issues without fear of judgment. We will help you open up lines of communication in a setting that is surprisingly comfortable. We understand how difficult sex can be to talk about.

Sexual positioning, pain with anal sex, and negotiating an open relationship are all common issues that many gay men have to contend with. For some, the sexual positions that were enjoyable at the beginning of their relationship begin to become tiresome, which can become frustration barriers to healthy sex and even a relationship. Regardless of the issue, communication and understanding are key factors in keeping a relationship, and especially a sexual one, alive and well. This is where we can help.

Whether you’re dealing with mismatched sexual desire, or sexual dysfunction, we can help.

You might be interested in opening up your sexual relationship, but you’re not sure if this is the next best step, and how to go about moving in this direction. Whether it be from general boredom from your sexual behavior, or a lack of connection with sex, you’ve come to the right place. Or maybe you’re dealing with problems relating to erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation, and you want a therapist who is affirming to gay individuals, we can help.

We can also help if you’re relationship is struggling with problems relating to trust and commitment.

We also specialize in issues relating to cheating and loss of trust in same-sex relationships. We understand the dynamics that are involved in a relationship where cheating has occurred, and we take a non-shaming approach to helping couples through this. You can gain an understanding of the origins of the cheating to make it less likely from happening again.

Contact us for help with any of the following:

  • Pain with sex
  • Cheating and/or infidelity
  • Drugs use with sex
  • Troubles communicating about sexual desire
  • Loss of passion and romance
  • Opening up your sexual relationship
  • Low or mismatched sexual desire
  • Changing sexual positions

Together we can help you develop the type of relationship that you want to have.

Gay men have specific issues that can impact their sexual relationships.
We can help.
We’ll help you explore these issues in your life in a way that can make true change.





Sex Therapy for Gay Men January 6, 2015