Help for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can make any sexual relationship very frustrating for both people who are in the relationship. There are many treatments that are out there that are listed as effective treatments for this issue. Some of the medications are often effective. Others, such as testosterone therapy, remain controversial for this issue. Then there are also non-pharmacological interventions that can also help, yet often go overlooked. Here we will look at some of these interventions.

What is causing erectile dysfunction?

There are various causes for erectile dysfunction. Many physicians are dedicated to helping people identify the cause. However, there are times where prescriptions for drugs such Cialis and Viagra given, when there is an issue with anxiety, depression, or underlying fear of anxiety. Many people have underlying issues of anxiety or depression, yet they don’t realize that these mood issues are even there. Without such recognition, they don’t realize¬† how they are impacting their sex lives.

All of us have some level of baggage surrounding our sexuality. That’s inescapable. However, some people struggle with that emotion to such a level, that successfully having an erection or maintaining one during sex can be a big issue. To help unpack this, finding a trained sex therapist can help. Sex therapy can help you learn about your struggles with erectile dysfunction, and these struggles are impacted by old taboo lessons about sexuality. Therapy can also help so that you understand the sources of your problems with your anxiety or depression.

Have a Better Understanding of Your Body.

Understanding your body is an essential part to enhancing your sexual relationships. Many of us are not that in tune with the story that our body is communicating. This can impact issues with erectile dysfunction. Gaining a better understanding of arousal, emotion, and sensation in the body can help to work through issues as they arise.

Young and Erectile Dysfunction?

Many young people have problems with erectile dysfunction. There can be a lot of shame that is associated with being a young person is struggles to maintain an erection. Sex therapy can help reduce levels of shame surrounding this issue. It can help both members of the relationship become involved in a way that supports working through this problem. Education is also key for people to understand what may cause this.

For young, and to some extent even older adults, who did not get great sexual education, monitoring for pornography use can be something to watch for. Not everyone who watches internet porn has a problem. However, some people learned about sexuality primarily from pornography. There are a good amount of people who are in this category who struggle with erectile dysfunction. Through obtaining better sexual education, and stepping away from pornography, many people find that maintaining and erection becomes no problem at all.

So if you’re struggling with this or you’re in a relationship with someone who is struggling, sex therapy offers support in a way that is open and non-shaming. These topics can be difficult to talk about, yet they are usually workable.